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It's not unusual for a manicurist to take photos of the work they did on your hands before you leave their station — gotta show off the skills on Instagram, of course. And if your nail artist forgets to snap a picture, assuming you're on friendly terms, it wouldn't be all that crazy for them to text you a request for a nailfie (that's a nail selfie, in case you didn't know). And if you're Jennifer Lopez, you can take a few creative — and crude — liberties with the nailfie you send to your go-to nail guy.

On Wednesday, June 15, nail virtuoso Tom Bachik, who's responsible for countless JLo manis, shared what may be the best — though perhaps not the clearest — celebrity nailfie of all time. "When your manicurist asks you for a nail shot 😜🖕," he wrote in the caption of the photo he posted to Instagram — a photo taken by Lopez herself. 

Instead of the usual manicure-modeling poses like the flat hand or "casually" holding a mug, Lopez went for something a little bolder. We get a compromised yet close-up view of her long, glossy, nude nails in bird-flipping formation. And to Bachik's credit, it's a very elegant middle finger.

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Of course, this is not how Lopez really feels about Bachik — though if he interrupted her bath to ask for a photo, then she might have rightfully been in a middle-finger kind of mood. A distant mirror shows that Lopez is peeking her head out over the top of her white tub to get the shot. 

We also see some of JLo's bathroom decor, which seems to include a framed Getty Images shot of her and fiancé Ben Affleck at the Venice International Film Festival last September. How friggin' cute is that?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the red carpet of the movie The Last Duel during the 78th Venice International...Getty Images

Fun fact: Lopez was wearing a glossy, nude manicure by Bachik that night, too, but he got the nail shot himself that time.

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